10 Highest Paying Industries for Executives | Entertainment News

As the American workforce emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, many workers are reassessing their careers. Between January 2021 and February 2022, nearly 57 million employees resigned from their jobs. During that same 14-month period, 89 million workers were hired, meaning the majority of those quitting did not decide to take time off, but changed jobs. And with the cost of living showing no signs of falling, many people are looking for ways to not only increase their earning potential, but also advance their career paths and find job satisfaction.

For many, moving up the ladder in their industry can lead to leadership positions, which tend to be financially rewarding and often help further develop their leadership skills. These roles vary by industry, each with unique responsibilities, and those with a business degree often take career paths that culminate in a leadership position.

In the United States, senior executives can include roles such as overseeing budget analysis for the federal government, managing a chemical plant that produces fertilizers, running an architectural consulting firm, auditing operations at a wastewater treatment facility, etc.

People in leadership positions tend to be college-educated and have built their careers over years, if not decades, of experience in their industry. When promoting from within or hiring a manager from outside, companies generally look for people who are well-rounded and who have not only demonstrated in-depth work experience in a particular field, but also bring qualities such as strong communication skills, project management experience, team spirit and leadership. good character.

Santa Clara University examined the industries in which senior executives earn the most using BLS occupational employment and salary data.