expands into media and entertainment market with startup class

Jos, Nigeria, June 01, 2022 –(– announced today that it has entered into agreements that provide music industry startups with direct access to their mentorship series and Startup Class corporate training through online platforms, strengthening’s presence in the media and entertainment industry. primarily focuses on the growth needs of investors and startups with educational solutions. Through various business projects, AlignAcademy helps private investors, startups, and small business owners through various educational projects that have a positive ripple effect on more families in their communities.

Winston C Ikekeonwu, spokesperson for commented, “We are excited about the new possibilities we see in the music industry. Even though music revenue in Nigeria is expected to reach $44 million by 2023, we believe there is more to music than just profit. We have about 43% Nigerians between the ages of 0-14. These are among the biggest consumers of music today. We cannot afford to ignore the impact music can have on these impressionable minds.

Ikekeonwu continued, “As we reach more music startups through mentorship programs, we have the opportunity to help more young people discover more of their potential. Also, let’s not forget that on the Spotify music streaming platform, we are the number 2 country in terms of uploaded music content. When more of our young people are mentored on the various opportunities available, we will have more productive members of society. This could ultimately lead to lower unemployment and lower crime rates.”

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