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St. Louis is back with a banger, Chingy released his latest single last month, titled “Can’t Blame Me” from his upcoming album Chinglish, former Disturbing Tha Peace (DTP) artist shares his testimonial of trials and tribulations and the lessons he learned as a major record label artist.

“It’s about many obstacles in my career and what I’ve been through in the music industry, but also about cutting these people out of my life, cutting these people out of my career and my energy. “, said Chingy.

The rap artist says the song is his way of dealing with the rumors about him, and the people trying to sabotage his career, he tells those people not to be mad because he decided to move on without them so he can improve his life.

This is Chingy’s sixth album, but his fourth album as an independent artist under his label 369 Creative Minds. Most of the rapper’s songs are produced by Kane mural, a local songwriter and producer from Metro-Est. Chingy’s last major project was released in 2007 under the DTP label owned by early 2000s rap artist and actor Ludacris.

Chingy describes her latest single as a “personal story” as it takes fans to an unknown part of her life. He says when you hear him, “you hear me, you hear Chingy grain.”

He is candid about circulating rumors about his music career and an alleged falling out between him and other artists, which he discusses in his single. He laments the mismanagement of young artists in the music industry, especially those signed to sub-labels.

Speaking from his own experience as a former DTP artist who was DTP under major million dollar label Def Jam, the local rapper says a lot of the misunderstandings were about creativity and money.

It’s common in the entertainment industry, top artists like Drake and Lil Wayne have been through it, and more recently Offset of the Amigos are going through it right now. Chingy points out that these types of mishandling can make any artist feel uncomfortable and not want to be part of this label.

“No one is exempt from it,” Chingy said. “I have been there”

As for the social media gossip surrounding him, Nelly and Ludacris, Chingy says he has nothing against it and is done talking about those situations. He states that he is in good energy with both of them, and the things that are in the past are just that, the past, and they are focused on the future.

And to move forward, you have to break away from people who call him an early 2000s artist, “I hate it when people call me an early 2000s artist like I’m still making music current,” Chingy said. He calls himself a universal artist, he is not tied to a style of music based on when he burst onto the music scene or even a genre. He doesn’t believe in limiting himself.

“I love all types of music, rock, country, alternative and R&B. I love everything and I will do all types of music that I want,” Chingy said. nowhere, that type of thinking will keep me closed-minded.”

The only criticism he has of “today’s” rap artists is promoting violence and killing, killing each other. He wants us, as a black community, to break that cycle in how we create our music.

With passion in his voice, Chingy said, “We have to give these guys and young kids something different, they’re stuck in a mindset that this type of lifestyle is the only way to live, they believe that the world has nothing to offer them. “I disagree, this hood mentality is a self-defeating mindset that needs to go.”

Chingy grew up in North St. Louis, so he knows the struggles of a youngster living in an impoverished environment surrounded by gun violence that doesn’t support a life beyond what meets the eye.

And that’s the hope of his next album, to give his fans and newcomers a different experience with rap music that goes beyond what they’ve been through. He creates self-aware music that includes religion, astrology, astronomy and numerology.

He raps about activating the 7 chakras through Kundalini and having spiritual currency. Chingy is on a whole other level, he wants you to think about what he says in his music to give you an experience you wouldn’t have otherwise.

He calls this album “the adult Chingy”. He called it “a big project” and his favorite album.

His album is due out in early 2023, his music is available on all streaming channels.

Ashey Winters is a reporter for Report for America