Australian company designs COVID-safe system for live entertainment industry

Pictured: co-founders Haydn Johnston and Alan James / Source: Supplied

When it comes to creating secure COVID procedures for the direct industry, Australia is considered to be at the forefront. Overseas promoters wereted no time in borrowing from local initiatives, such as ringed areas and bubble areas.

Rules change state to state, and this past weekend Summersalt in Hobart had to tell patrons just days before they had to bring their own chairs and couldn’t dance.

Australian company today unveiled a new COVID-safe service for the Australian and global live entertainment industry.

“Anyone who works in live events understands how many people it takes to show up and function,” said co-founder Haydn Johnston.

“To ensure accurate COVID compliance, event planners need a reliable tracking system to protect artists, staff, suppliers and stakeholders from the risk of COVID transmission on-site.

“This is where we come in.”

The platform collects data from everyone who performs or works at the site, helps event planners put together essential COVID health check documents, manages staff tracking, and customizes passes with them. information required to ensure the safety of performers and workers prior to the day of the performance.

The system allows multiple check-in points at festival venues or anywhere workers should pass through different work areas. She is currently experimenting with a process for concert halls. co-founder, live industry veteran Haydn Johnston, started out during mega-festivals like Big Day Out. He then started Architects of Entertainment, working on festivals and events such as Splendor In The Grass, Laneway, CMC Rocks and Triple J’s One Night Stand.

“ was born out of general frustration to bring forward 22 days of live festival a year as well as countless acts of all kinds,” he said in a statement.

“When I was looking for a solution, everything that was available seemed to complicate the process too much. “

Johnston therefore partnered with developer and designer Alan James to create the system, which launched in May 2018.

James started working in the web industry since the mid-90s, designing for Sieme, Expedia, Thomson Reuters, St George Bank, Qantas, Westpac, Service NSW and Pfizer.

“ is not designed to replace the wealth of talent sitting at either end of the keyboard,” said Johnston.

“It just creates a hub of communication for touring artists, links with artists, production and suppliers.

“Now that we have added the smooth back-of-house component and contract tracing system, we hope the service will make life even easier for those who organize, manage and work on events in the current climate. “