Cindy Crawford wants to be ‘kinder’ to herself | Entertainment News

Cindy Crawford would like to be “kinder” to her younger self.

The American model celebrated her 56th birthday (20.02.22) with a poignant letter to ‘little Cindy’ and documented the things she would tell him if she could.

The mother-of-two – who has Presley, 22, and Kaia, 20, with husband Rande Gerber – admitted she can be hard on herself and would advise young Cindy not to ‘be scared to make a fool of yourself” and “fake it until you make it”.

She wrote on Instagram: “On the eve of another birthday, looking at little Cindy and thinking what I would say to her.

“I would tell her to be kinder to herself, to treat herself like she treats her friends. I would tell her that everyone gets nervous in new situations and sometimes you just have to pretend until the ‘you get there.

“I would tell her not to be afraid of making a fool of herself – dancing, singing, etc. – even if she’s not good at it. Laugh as much as possible.

“The risk of showing her true self to the people she loves – the payoff is worth it. Practice gratitude. Keep growing, learning and becoming…life is a blessing!”

Cindy previously admitted that she expected her modeling career to be over when she was 25.

The brunette beauty always knew life on the catwalk was usually short-lived, so she’s amazed she’s still in the spotlight, more than three decades after she started working.

She said: “Before, models were changed every five years, so I assumed that at 25 I would have to go back to school. Here I am at 53! I represent different brands, which is appropriate , but every time I get my picture taken, to me, that’s modeling.”

Cindy joked that she and fellow modeling icons Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer and Kate Moss were like a “boy band” because of their looks when put together.

She said: “Before Christy, Linda, Naomi, Claudia, Kate and I, models weren’t very well known.

“It was almost like we were a new boy band – we were all different, but we fit together well.

“Fashion was about glamazonian shoulder pads, high heels and strong women. We didn’t look like victims, we looked empowered. I really think we felt that too.”

While the catwalk veteran doesn’t miss the runway, she craves life behind the scenes.

She said: “It was like a slumber party. We were all tired and a bit rambunctious, but some real friendships were formed.”

Cindy’s children have both followed in their mother’s footsteps and she joked that she is best known now for her association with her daughter in particular.

She laughed, “I feel like I’m best known for giving birth to Kaia now.”