Entertainment News Exclusive: Rising Actor and Professional Stuntman Shane Alexander

Shane Alexander is a multi-dimensional actor, stunt performer and stunt choreographer. Born as Shane Alexander Sevier and Shane grew up in Hemet, California. At a very young age, Shane began training in traditional martial arts and learned many other forms of martial arts, including Eastern swordwork.

It wasn’t until he started acting in high school at age 14 that Shane fell in love with acting, performing, and diving deeper into the entertainment industry.

Shane continued acting through his college years and making movies. He soon began booking roles in local commercials and many local independent films. At 25, Shane Alexander decided to take his martial arts skills and apply them to film. He took his first step by training with the best in the industry. Shane went to Seattle, WA to attend the International Stunt School founded by Stunt Hall of Famer David Boushey, also known for training Hollywood greats including Jon Voight, Denzel Washington, Tommy Lee Jones, Chris Cooper and many more.

From there, Shane Alexander took off in the world of stunt work and was cast in numerous film roles as a stuntman and choreographer. Shane has booked roles in quality productions for both acting and stunts, he is best known for his work in ‘Kung Fu Ghost’, ‘I Am Gitmo’, ‘Alone’, ‘The Blind Assassin”, “Promiseland”, and many more more quality movies.


Inspired by the greats, Shane Alexander is ready to make his mark in the entertainment industry. In a recent interview where he was asked about his favorite genre in movies, he said he feels most comfortable acting in an action movie, but would also like a good comedy.

“As an actor and stunt performer, you’re constantly surrounded by amazing, talented people, which can be incredibly motivating!” – Shane Alexander

Confirmed on IMDB – Latest roles and films WorktEHnn:

Alone (Short) (stunt coordinator and actor) (pre-production)

Fear Binds (stunt coordinator) (pre-production) Land of Wolves (stunt coordinator) (acting role: Andre) (filming)

The Heart To Fight (stunt coordinator – as Shane Sevier) (filming)

Good Guy with a Gun (stunts) (post-production)

Last Chance: Final Act (stunt coordinator) (post-production)

Tears in the Night (stunt coordinator and actor – as Shane Sevier)

(post production)

The Club (Shorts) (stunts) (post-production)


I Am Gitmo (stunts) (post-production)


Kung Fu Ghost (stunt coordinator) / (stuntman)


In a recent interview, we asked Shane Alexander about making movies.

Most actors reach a specific stage in their career where they really know the process of filmmaking and want to combine that with their vision to make amazing movies. Shane, you’re already an executive producer on ‘Alone’, do you see yourself producing more movies in the future and diverting more into the production world?

“Yes, producing is absolutely something I want to get into over the years, however it will be a while before I get into it. I have however started working on my own film, I currently have a screenwriter working on the script and I am preparing everything and hopefully to start filming in about a year. Needless to say, I’m very excited and also very nervous about this! – Shane Alexander

Fun Facts: Shane Alexander is a professional winemaker!


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