Entertainment News | I learned to turn pressure into motivation: Babil on the legacy of Irrfan Khan

Mumbai, Nov 15 (PTI) Babil, the son of late actor Irrfan Khan, said on Tuesday that although the thought of starting his film career and carrying his father’s name would frighten him at first, he learned to put his fear to profit.

While launching the trailer for his debut movie “Qala,” the newcomer said he wants to try his hand at all kinds of movies and characters.

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“We have this illusion, we think we’re in control of our journey (but) we’re not. I’m going to improvise with what life throws at me. I want to explore everything, I want to do all kinds of movies and play all kinds of characters,” Babil told reporters here.

The actor admitted there was some pressure on him but he focused all his energies on giving his best.

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“There’s a lot of pressure. Two years ago, when we were filming, at that time also the pressure was there. It would affect me, it would scare me but now it motivates me to do a better job. The definition of the pressure has changed now,” Babil added.

Babil’s father, Irrfan Khan, was one of India’s finest and most versatile actors. The actor died aged 54 in 2020, two years after being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

When asked what qualities of Irrfan Khan he would like to have as he begins his innings in the Hindi film industry, he replied, “Mother father ki jo khubiya thi woh leke chale gaye. Ab mein apni khubiya explore karunga (The qualities my father had left with him. Now I will explore my qualities.)

Starring Tripti Dimri in the title role, “Qala” is billed as the heartbreaking story of “a daughter yearning for her mother’s love.” The Netflix movie is directed by Anvita Dutt.

Dutt, best known for the critically acclaimed feature film “Bulbbul,” said she wanted to tell a story about a mother and her daughter through “Qala.”

As a filmmaker and writer, she says she is drawn to fantasy tales.

“As a writer, I do my best to serve their vision. These (referring to ‘Bulbbul’ and ‘Qala’) are the stories that speak to me. I read a lot of fantasy and science fiction. It’s my favorite genre.

“These kinds of stories come to mind. I love telling these stories because they are stories about universal truths and feelings, emotions that everyone can relate to.”

Before making her directorial debut with ‘Bulbbul’, Dutt was a dialogue writer, screenwriter, screenwriter, lyricist for Hindi films such as ‘Dostana’, ‘Ra.One’, ‘Student of the Year’ and ‘Queen’. among others.

The director, who penned the first draft of ‘Qala’ in 2013, shared how she discussed the idea for the film with music composer Amit Trivedi, who promised to be part of the project whenever it starts to work on it.

“It was with me for a long time and I wanted to put it down. I just thought about it. I didn’t do it alone, there were 150 people from the music department to producers, OTT, set dressing boy, so many people,” Dutt said.

“Qala” marks the second collaboration between the filmmaker and Dimri, who won unanimous acclaim for her performance in “Bulbbul.”

“Intuition is a real thing and if you read and feel you don’t agree with the script then you shouldn’t do it because it can go wrong. These movies (‘Bulbbul’ and ‘Qala’ ) chose me, I didn’t choose them, she said.

Produced by Karnesh Ssharma of Cleanslate Filmz, “Qala” will begin streaming on Netflix from December 1.

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