Entertainment News | KSFDC will produce 4 films this fiscal year

Thiruvananthapuram, Oct 29 (PTI) Kerala State Film Development Corporation (KSFDC) is expected to produce four films this fiscal year.

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Two of the films would be part of the pioneering “Films Made by Women” project, while the other two would be part of an innovative initiative to support aspiring filmmakers from SC/ST (Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes) communities.

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In the “Films directed by women” category, KSFDC selected “Victoria” directed by Sivaranjini. J, and ‘Mumtha’ by Farzana P for production. The films in the SC/ST categories are “Pralayasesham Oru Jalakanyaka”, directed by Manoj Kumar CS and “Kaadu” by Suneesh Vadakkumpadan. KSFDC received applications from 41 female directors in the first category, while 62 applied in the SC/ST category.

A jury consisting of filmmaker Rajiv Nath as chairman, writer VJ James and dancer-writer Dr Rajashree Warrier as members selected 15 entries in two categories, according to an official statement.

In the second phase, the number of films was reduced to five each of the two categories. After evaluating the submission and presentation of scripts by the directors of these films through online and offline workshops, led by directors Amit Tyagi, Priya Krishnaswamy and Atul Taishete, four films were selected for production, a- he specified. The directors of the two categories (of five films each) were selected by a jury consisting of directors Priyanandanan as chairman and Salim Ahamed and Dr. Rajashree Warrier as members.

In 2019-2020, KSFDC produced “Nishiddho” (Forbidden) directed by Tara Ramanujan and “Divorce” by Mini IG as part of the Female Directors Project, with the aim of supporting aspiring female directors by fully showcasing their cinematic abilities. Both movies are gearing up for release. Post-production work on Sruthi Namboodiri’s “B 32-44” and Indu VR’s “Nila” (both selected in 2020-21) is in full swing. The films of the directors of the SC/ST project were launched in 2020-21. Filming of two films – Ariku by VS Sanoj and Pirathi by Arun J Mohan – in this category is currently underway, the statement added. KSFDC, founded in 1975, is the country’s premier public sector corporation for film development.

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