Entertainment News | New UK study to examine streaming and social media impact on Bollywood

London, December 9 (PTI) A major new study in the UK will examine the impact of the rise of social media and streaming platforms like Netflix on the world of Bollywood, Birmingham City University has announced.

Rajinder Dudrah, professor of cultural studies and creative industries at Birmingham City University, received a major research grant worth £ 154,414 ($ 203,662) from the Leverhulme Trust to launch E-Bollywood, a study three-year event that will explore how the rise of new media has changed the landscape of Hindi cinema.

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The research will assess how the growth of social networking sites like Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, and the rise of streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, have changed the way Bollywood films are made, marketed and viewed.

“The rise of social media and the success of streaming platforms like Netflix have transformed the way audiences consume media and have had an impact across the industry, especially in Bollywood,” said Dudrah.

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“To truly understand the impact of new media, we need to look at a range of components, from the impact of audiences to the historical context of Hindi cinema, to changes in cultural industries and even to the impact of the pandemic on habits. viewing.

“E-Bollywood will fill this gap by exploring some of the key issues impacting the industry and its audiences. I am delighted to have received this scholarship and still cannot believe it due to the competition and the fact that few of them are awarded nationally each year, ”he said.

E-Bollywood aims to create a new method of studying Bollywood, which brings together the analysis of how films are made, how new media have enabled them to reach new audiences, how audiences see films films and changes in cultural industries.

The study will also build on existing work to explore how Bollywood cinema has encapsulated the history of India and South Asia, and continues to portray societal attitudes towards issues. equality such as gender and sexuality.

The results of the research will be published in a book to be written by Professor Dudrah, entitled “E-Bollywood: Popular Hindi Cinema in the Age of New Media”.

The Leverhulme Trust has been offering grants and scholarships for research and education since 1925 and the funding announcement is part of the latest round of successful projects funded by the trust.

Professor Dudrah’s nomination was one of 195 nominations received by the Leverhulme Trust this year from “established and distinguished scholars in the humanities and social sciences” keen to carry out important original research.

Professor Alison Honor, Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Design and Media, Birmingham City University, said: “There have been 195 nominations this year and as a result Rajinder is one the few successful candidates representing exceptionally distinguished researchers.

“I am sure that he will take this opportunity to make a substantial contribution to his field of research.

The Major Research Fellowships are particularly intended for those who are or have been prevented by routine tasks from completing an original research program. The award offers alternative salary costs for the duration of the fellowship.

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