Entertainment News Roundup: “The Piano Lesson” Returns to Broadway, Starring Samuel L. Jackson; ‘Squid Game’ director in dilemma of reviving dead characters for second season and beyond

Below is a summary of the entertainment news briefs.

“The Piano Lesson” is back on Broadway, starring Samuel L. Jackson

American playwright August Wilson’s “The Piano Lesson” returns to Broadway, with Samuel L. Jackson in the lead role and his wife directing. The Pulitzer Prize-winning work, set in 1936, tells the story of a brother and sister who fight over what to do with an heirloom piano that has images of their family carved by a slave ancestor .

‘Squid Game’ director grapples with reviving dead characters for second season

The director of Netflix’s massive hit series ‘Squid Game’ said on Friday he was in a dilemma over whether and how to revive dead characters as he prepares for a second season after scoring the story at the Emmys last week. “Squid Game” became Netflix Inc’s most-watched series after its release last September, spawning countless online memes and Halloween costumes and kickstarting sales of green tracksuits.

The Native American actress and activist reflects on the 1973 Oscars protest

Half a century ago, actor and activist Sacheen Littlefeather took the stage in a traditional buckskin dress at the Academy Awards to decline an Oscar on behalf of Marlon Brando, launching into a speech about the mistreatment of Native Americans by the film industry. She was booed from the stage of the 1973 ceremony after 60 seconds for her remarks, which drew attention to an Indigenous protest in Wounded Knee, South Dakota. She was then professionally boycotted by the film industry for decades.

End of Broadway’s longest-running show, ‘Phantom of the Opera’

‘The Phantom of the Opera’, Broadway’s longest-running show, is set to end Feb. 18, 2023 due to a sharp drop in ticket sales even after New York theaters reopen after the pandemic lockdown . “Phantom” is a staple of the Broadway world with more than 70 major theatrical wins and 13,733 performances since its 1988 debut. Despite its legacy, the New York Post reported the show was losing $1 million a month.

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