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[UPDATE: June 15]

In an Instagram post on Wednesday, June 15, Chantalle Ng informed her followers that she had finally reunited with her long-lost childhood friend Xiao Liyuan.

She received the former child actor’s contact details from a friend of hers.

Chantalle also posted an Instagram Story of meeting Liyuan at a cafe with actress Felicia Chin.

In her post, she thanked her followers for helping her in her search and provided an update on Liyuan’s situation. “Thank you all for your help! He is doing very well in the corporate sector and has decided to lay low ever since.

Chantalle told 8world that after getting Liyuan’s contact, she messaged her to introduce herself. “He was a bit surprised that I was looking for him but he remembered us playing together when we were young, as well as the times we were together in the break room. I’m very happy.”

With the power of social media these days, trying to contact a long-lost friend is no longer a difficult task.

Local actress Chantalle Ng has decided to take a chance on reaching out to a child actor she has lost contact with, appealing to her followers for contact details.

The 26-year-old posted a selfie to her Instagram Story on Monday (June 13), where she wrote, “In my childhood I remember going to work with my mom and befriending this kid actor. But we lost contact and over the years I asked around to see if anyone still had his contact to no avail. He disappeared.

Her next post was a photo of the child actor she was looking for, with the caption “Xiao Liyuan is her name I think.”

She added: “If anyone has his contact please let me know! I don’t know if he still remembers me but I can’t wait to see how he is and if he is okay! I’ve been trying to reconnect for years.”

Liyuan was an actor who appeared in several local drama films and series in the 2000s, including Homerun (2003), A Child’s Hope (2003), 4:30 (2005), and Zero to Hero (2005).

Her last known screen appearance was in Mediacorp’s 2007 drama series Let It Shine, starring Felicia Chin and Shaun Chen.

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