How Motech Museum is transforming the entertainment industry in Saudi Arabia – News

Published: Mon 9 May 2022, 5:00 PM

Museums and art galleries have always offered insight into the history of mankind and the society in which we live. From cultural diversity to the evolution of different art forms, museums and galleries have never failed to amaze people with their collections. With the advent of digitalization and technology, the traditional aura of museums and galleries has also found a facelift that is changing the way people learn about art and culture. Motech Museum is an example here.

This new-age museum was created to provide a breathtaking experience in art, history, culture, technology and more. Overall, Motech Museum is an ambitious project that will bring a whole new level to amusement parks. A recent report by Research and Markets revealed that the entertainment and entertainment market in Saudi Arabia is expected to reach $1.17 billion by the end of 2030. This represents an annual growth rate of 47.65% for the entertainment in Saudi Arabia. The deal is currently worth $23.77 million.

So now is the perfect time for new unique attractions to come to the fore. Motech Museum is going to be a world of entertainment for the people of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The space, which is aligned with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, is expected to open soon. More than a museum, this ambitious project will be a unique blend of digital and virtual worlds. It’s a multi-sensory experience with immersive installations to help people view today’s world from a whole new perspective. From a blend of sensory and digital experiences, Motech Museum will change the way people experience art in an art gallery or museum.

“Our philosophy sees consumers as active participants in the art revolution the world is experiencing,” share founders, Middle East-based Raquel Flores, and Carlos Leggio.

The immersive experience of the new museum will connect spaces, art, sound, people and products. Unlike traditional museums, Motech Museum will provide an interactive experience, taking people on tours through different worlds and ways of life. It will have everything from a basketball court to digital art exhibits, a cafe, store, and bowling center, among many other amazing areas, to keep people of different interests entertained. Some of them will be reactive, while others will be static, which means projections of abstract landscapes, sounds and animations powered by LED lights and walls full of color. All of these facilities will be opened from a fantastic secret location, and finding out where it is will be another form of excitement.

The pioneering team behind this ambitious project brings their unique expertise and perspectives to the project, enriching it even more. Around 30 of the world’s top artists are spearheading this project along with a group of seasoned entrepreneurs, investors and tech professionals. The team spares no effort to make this experimental project a success in Saudi Arabia. In the future, the team will extend this project to other cities in the region.

To introduce users to new types of digital art, Motech Museum focuses more on providing art lovers with an interactive experience. It will be unlike any other museum or gallery where people can take pictures and post them on social media to get noticed. This is a project that will provide people from all walks of life with an immersive experience. By experience, Motech Museum means a learning experience through audio and visuals. The Motech Museum will portray the past of a city or country to visitors, reflecting the culture, society and heritage of the place and people. It also aims to become the pride of any site where it will be located, so that every city will want to be part of this creative innovation in the future.

With such innovative ideas and such lofty goals, it’s only a matter of time before the Motech Museum becomes a one-stop destination for people seeking knowledge and entertainment through art. This new project will change the way people admire art and experience technology.