How Veterans’ Employment Compares to the Rest of the Population | Entertainment News

When a person completes military service and returns to civilian life, their veteran status may go unnoticed. Unless you asked about their work history or background, you might not know that your colleague, financial advisor, doctor, or neighbor was on active duty.

Nonetheless, veterans make up a significant portion of the population, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In 2021, 7% of the noninstitutional civilian population ages 18 and older—adults residing in the United States who are not active duty military or inmates of institutions such as prisons or mental institutions—were Veterans. Civilian labor refers to anyone in the non-institutional civilian population who is either employed or unemployed, including veterans and non-veterans.

Once a veteran leaves the armed forces and re-enters the workforce, how do their job prospects compare to those of their non-veteran counterparts? To understand how veterans’ employment compares to the rest of the population, Stacker cited BLS data to create several visualizations.

Information for the report, released in 2021, was obtained from the Monthly Current Population Survey of around 60,000 eligible households which provides data on employment, unemployment and people outside the household. American working population. The CPS collects data on veterans monthly, and this data is the source of the 2021 annual averages provided by the BLS.

The 2021 data has also been adjusted to incorporate population controls from the Department of Veterans Affairs’ new Veteran Population Model. A coding error in the 2021 survey also failed to ask veterans whose service ended before August 1964 about service-related disabilities, so data was collected using information collected in the 2020 study.

Read on for a comparison of employment between veterans and non-veterans, which states have the highest unemployment rates for veterans, which industries attract the highest percentages of veterans, and more. facts about veterans’ employment levels.

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