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LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Quantzig, a global data analytics and consulting company that provides actionable analytics solutions to solve complex business problems, has announced the end of its latest article on the popular entertainment industry trends.

The article offers in-depth information on the top three entertainment industry trends that are expected to transform the media and entertainment industry.

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The year ahead looks promising as new technologies and trends drive innovation and unveil new opportunities in the media and entertainment industry. Technology is one of the major trends in the media and entertainment industry that has massively disrupted this sector by opening up new opportunities, ushering in new media trends and creating new revenue models for businesses who seek to thrive in this sector. With the changes in the media consumption habits of users across geographies, businesses are compelled to embrace the changes by closely monitoring changing trends in this industry.

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  2. Learn what you need to do to be mindful when planning your growth.

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According to advanced analytics experts at Quantzig, “While the media and entertainment industry was one of the first sectors to go through digital disruption, its transformation is far from complete and the industry continues to be affected by every new technological advancement or innovation that is happening in today’s digital landscape.”

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The top three entertainment industry trends to watch

1. Virtual reality takes center stage

2. The rise of mergers and acquisitions

3. Video streaming services gain popularity

The last decade has witnessed massive changes in the media and entertainment industry driven by the introduction of new and advanced technologies. Crucially, these factors often depend on how companies evaluate the data generated by their business processes. At Quanztig, we understand the challenges faced by players in the media and entertainment industry, which is why we offer custom analytics solutions to help businesses skillfully address these challenges through technology integration, automation and analytical dashboards and reports.

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