Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian want change on Instagram

The world’s most followed woman, entrepreneur and reality star, Kylie Jenner, has an important message for Instagram. Jenner called out the photo and video sharing app for its redesign and urged it to “stop trying to be TikTok.”

Jenner shared an image on Instagram Stories that was kind of a complaint from the @illumitati account. The message read: “Recreate Instagram Instagram. I just want to see cute photos of my friends”

Jenner shared the photo and wrote, “PLEASEEEEEEE.” Moments later, her older sister, Kim Kardashian, also shared the same post with a “PRETTY PLEASE” comment.

Owned by Meta Platforms, Instagram and Facebook have in recent months made their format similar to TikTok – prioritizing short videos and an algorithm suggests users follow accounts they don’t follow.

Some users protested the change in format, saying they want to see the posts they subscribed to, not other accounts.

Jenner and Kardashian rose to fame through the app and have garnered millions of followers on the app over the years. While Jenner has 360 million followers on Instagram, her sister Kim Kardashian has 326 million followers.

In 2018, Jenner’s tweet criticizing Snapchat caused parent company Snap Inc. to lose $1.3 billion in market value in one day.

Interestingly, the Kardashian-Jenner family has relied heavily on Instagram over the years for sales and promotion of their products and shows.