Musikfest is back at Payrow Plaza | Entertainment News

BETHLEHEM, Pa. — He’s back and better than ever. After a 12-year hiatus, Musikfest has brought a family space back to Payrow Plaza.

A lot of people wanted another addition to Musikfest this year, so the organizers decided to bring something back, and that’s how Stadtplatz was formed.

“Ever since he left here 12 years ago, people have been thinking ‘when are you coming back to Payrow Plaza?'” said J. William Reynolds, mayor of Bethlehem. “Very quickly, the city of Bethlehem said, ‘We have to do this, this is the way to bring Musikfest back. “”

From north to south, and everything in between through historic Bethlehem, there is City Hall.

Reynolds says there’s something special about America’s largest unclosed festival making its presence known in the heart of the city.

“Just seeing the joy, energy and excitement here reminds you why Bethlehem is such a special place and community,” he said.

Reynolds says responding to what people want is extremely important.

The city and organizers listened, then followed.

“In the private sector we have ArtsQuest doing the planning. In the public sector we have the city of Bethlehem,” Reynolds said. “We put everyone in the same room, decide what we need to do for the city, and then go from there.”

Aside from the incredible views from the show stage, you won’t be bored touring the area.

“It’s very family-friendly, so a lot of people have brought kids, and it’s centrally located,” Reynolds said. “Various set of musical choices and acts, and the same with the food.”

Performances on Stadtplatz start at 5:00 p.m. every evening.

Musikfest runs until August 14.