Proposal to give industry status to film and entertainment sector to be presented to Cabinet soon: Maharashtra Minister of Cultural Affairs | India is blooming

Mumbai/IBNS: The film and entertainment sector in Maharashtra is growing by creating employment and self-employment opportunities. In view of this, a proposal to give industry status to the film and entertainment sector will be presented at a cabinet meeting soon, said the state’s Minister of Cultural Affairs, Amit Deshmukh.

A meeting on granting industry status to the film and entertainment sector was held at the ministry on Friday under the chairmanship of Cultural Affairs Minister Amit Deshmukh.

Stating that many people find employment through the film and entertainment industry, Deshmukh said, the reach of the film and entertainment industry is enormous.

In this regard, the entertainment sector will receive the status of an industrial sector, which will help small and medium-sized enterprises to obtain concessions and strengthen the economy, he said.

The Department of Cultural Affairs is also taking the necessary steps to declare this sector as an industrial sector.

In order to give impetus and mobility to the cinema and entertainment industry, the Department of Cultural Affairs is working on a policy for the cinema and entertainment sector and gives it industry status.

This includes television, digital media, live events, animation, out-of-home media, film, radio and many more.

Movies (short films/movies screened on OTT media) and entertainment sector have grown tremendously and need to get industry status, he noted.

Considering this, the Department of Cultural Affairs is preparing a policy for movies, soap operas, OTTs, drama, popular art, documentaries and commercials, Deshmukh said.