Research and Markets: 4th Quarter 2011 UK Mobile Entertainment Market Forecast, 2008 – 2016: Total UK Mobile Multimedia Market Revenues Expected to Reach $2.1 Billion in 2016

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United Kingdom Mobile Entertainment Market Forecast provides a comprehensive forecast of mobile entertainment usage by country among consumers. Along with this comprehensive dataset, you will get a PowerPoint presentation that will give you an overview of the key trends in the global mobile entertainment market.

Why should you buy this report:

This report provides answers to all of the following questions:

– What are the main trends in the mobile entertainment market worldwide and in certain countries? How will this market evolve over the next five years?

– Which region/country is experiencing the fastest growth in mobile entertainment usage globally? What are the main trends in each region/country?

– Within the mobile multimedia industry, which segment is growing faster than the others: Mobile Music, Mobile Gaming, Mobile Personalization, Mobile TV or Other Premium Content? How does this differ by region/country?

This report will be useful for:

– Mobile entertainment content providers

– Strategists and analysts at vendors responsible for mobile entertainment strategy development and business analysis

– Handset and device manufacturers in all areas of the telecommunications market who need strategic recommendations on key trends in the global mobile entertainment industry

– Financial analysts and portfolio managers covering companies in the mobile entertainment industry

– Consultants advising their clients on mobile entertainment markets

– Researchers who need to better understand the global mobile entertainment market

Main topics covered:

Quarterly historical results and annual forecasts for: 2008 – 2016F

Total Mobile Multimedia Market Revenue (Million USD)

Mobile music revenue

Mobile game revenue

Mobile personalization revenue

Mobile TV revenue

Other Premium Content Revenue

mobile music

Total number of users (thousands)

Retail revenue ($millions)

Wholesale revenue ($millions)

Average revenue per user ($) [Retail Revenues Only, monthly]

Mobile Games

Total number of users (thousands)

Total number of events (thousands)

Mobile games revenue (millions of dollars)

Average spend per event ($)

Mobile personalization

Total number of users (thousands)

Ringtone users (thousands)

Ringtone users (thousands)

Wallpapers and graphics users (thousands)

Paid personalization events (in thousands)

Mobile personalization revenue (millions of dollars)

Average spend per event ($)

Mobile TV

Total number of users (thousands)

Total number of mobile TV events (000s)

Mobile TV revenue (millions of dollars)

Average spend per event ($)

Other premium content

Total number of users (thousands)

Average spend per event ($)

Total other premium content events (thousands)

Total other premium content revenue ($ millions)

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Source: IE Market Research Corp.