Saudi Arabia’s booming entertainment industry

Saudi Arabia is full of film festivals, shows, concerts, and film productions, among others.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and all the blessings this season. When we put together this issue, I didn’t quite realize how many Saudi Arabia-centric reports and stories we would be carrying this month, but it looks like the January 2022 issue is all about to the Kingdom.

From an all-new gaming tournament commissioned and televised for the first time by the Saudi Broadcasting Authority and the number of content investment announcements announced at the Red Sea International Film Festival, the 40% cash rebate for those who choose to make their productions in the Kingdom, audience measurement or spectrum management, this edition is teeming with stories. The whole Kingdom is running at full speed, and regional and international investment is pouring into the Arab world’s most lucrative television market.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s Vision 2030 activated all sectors of the country and some of the biggest beneficiaries of this movement have been filmmakers and creatives. Vox Cinemas has announced that it will produce 25 films over the next five years; independent film distributor Front Row has announced a few partnerships in recent months to push the boundaries of storytelling; Lebanese production major Cedars Art Production teamed up with Saudi company Ritix last month to create a new pan-Arab theatrical distribution label called Arab Motion; Muvi Cinemas, a Saudi Arabian brand, has launched several cinemas in the country; Telfaz 11 announced a recent acquisition… the list goes on.

Saudi Arabia’s drive to quickly regain lost ground and its massive infusion of capital for this purpose appears to be serving companies looking for new opportunities to sell their services and solutions. It also creates a solid training ground to nurture a new generation of talent for making films and content that meet international standards.

As the only B2B publication for the media and entertainment space in the MENA region, we are proud to start the new year with stories that make sense. Good year.