Saudi entertainment sector helps boost economy and social cohesion: report

RIYADH: The entertainment sector supported by the General Authority for Entertainment (GAE) generates SR 2.02 for every riyal spent on hosting an event, according to a GAE report.
Some 106 events held in 21 Saudi cities in less than a year resulted in millions of riyals being spent in the Kingdom, instead of being spent abroad, according to the report.
Since its inception on May 7, 2016, GAE has taken a clear approach that focuses on empowering private sector institutions to organize and deliver meaningful programs using the latest developments in this industry and in line with long-held values of the Kingdom. , based on the teachings of Islam, according to the report.
The entertainment sector, the report also states, is one of the main job-creating and skills-supporting sectors. He also played a role in inculcating the concept of volunteerism and connecting job seekers with business people, thereby contributing to the achievement of the Saudi Vision 2030, according to the report.
GAE will continue its programs and further boost the entertainment industry, and seek to partner with the private sector, becoming a key job provider for young Saudis, according to the report.
GAE has so far provided some 20,000 jobs in this sector since its inception and supported some 106 events with more than 2.3 million visitors, according to the report.
GAE plans to support more than 3,000 events across seven categories, in cooperation with other government agencies, according to the report.
The report states that GAE will play an important role in achieving Vision 2030 as it will support the efforts of the private and non-profit sectors in different regions and provinces to organize entertaining events and functions, as well as help to use the public funds to establish and develop entertainment centers where citizens and residents can use their abilities and talents.
GAE will also encourage local and foreign investors, partner with global entertainment companies to establish cultural and entertainment projects, such as libraries and museums, as well as support talented citizens, whether writers or producers. , and encourage cultural and entertainment activities aimed at the public. taste of all categories of people, according to the report.
GAE will strive to create more jobs and support the economy through the sale of tickets and food, through transportation or indirectly through spending on goods and services directly related to certain events, such as production services and marketing, the report adds.
Detailing the social objectives, the report states that GAE will provide different entertainment options to meet the demands of different categories of people, help to cement social cohesion and tolerance and improve the image of the Kingdom in the world.
According to the report, the number of visitors to GAE-sponsored events in 21 cities across the Kingdom has steadily increased from 34,000 in October 2016 to over 2.3 million at the end of April 2017.