Sean Feucht on Disney’s fight against LGBT activism

Cult leader urges Christians to cancel Disney subscriptions

Sean Feucht
Sean Feucht speaks during the “Hold the Line” rally at Disney headquarters in Burbank, California on April 6, 2022. |

Former Bethel cult leader Sean Feucht led the Disney protests over his opposition to Florida’s “parental rights in education” law. Now he’s challenging Christians to cancel their Disney subscriptions and get out there and create their own content.

In a video interview with The Christian Post, Feucht said he thought Disney “really overplayed their hand”, adding, “It’s one thing when you put gay characters in cartoons, that’s one thing. another when you try to fight for the sexualization of children in school.”

Florida law, which critics derisively call the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill, prohibits public schools from circumventing parental rights and prohibits teachers from discussing gender ideology and sexual orientation with children from kindergarten to third grade. Parents can sue teachers and school districts that violate the law.

Initially, Disney CEO Bob Chapek did not publicly comment on the bill and was quickly condemned by LGBT activist groups and some employees. Following the backlash, he quickly released a statement saying the bill “should never have been signed into law”.

“Our goal as a company is to see this law repealed by the legislature or struck down by the courts, and we remain committed to supporting national and state organizations working to achieve this,” Chapek added. for the rights and safety of LGBTQ+ members of the Disney family, as well as the LGBTQ+ community in Florida and across the country.”

In response to Disney’s commitment to LGBT activism, Feucht told CP he feels like he’s “speaking on behalf of millions of Americans that it’s not OK.”

“For all the other Christians and believers out there, it’s time we stood up and said, ‘Enough!'” Feucht said. “We can’t allow our children to be sexualized. We can’t allow the perverts to indoctrinate them from the age of 4 in kindergarten with transgender and all the crazy stuff that comes from the left. It’s time for us to stand up and hold the line.

Chapek, who used to donate to political campaigns, said he now plans to donate millions of dollars to LGBT causes.

Feucht offered suggestions for people who want to take action in response to Disney’s position and advised Americans “to cancel their Disney Plus memberships” and stop renewing their Disney parks passes.

“Stop fueling the economic engine that is Disney if it is to be hijacked by woke elitists who want to put this stuff in our children’s faces,” he said.

As someone who once loved Disney entertainment, Feucht said it was disappointing that the company went this route. “In many ways it’s a bummer because we’re longing for all the memories, watching the movies and the theme parks and stuff like that,” he said.

The revivalist encourages Christians to organize their own entertainment. “I think it gives an opportunity for believers to rise up and create content. Let’s not leave that to the world to make disciples and raise our children. Let’s be the ones who can create content, parks, movies, movies and stuff like that.”

“In one way it’s a disappointment, but in another sense it presents an incredible opportunity for believers in the industry to rise up and create healthy and safe alternatives. That even all of America can l ‘to kiss. “

Feucht has held a few events at Disney’s Disneyland headquarters in California in recent months, and he’s now gearing up to hold an event at Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., in May.

According to Feucht, the “Hold the Line” protests are meant to encourage parents to protect their children and fight back, in part by boycotting Disney.

At the events, the activist and her team can be seen worshiping, praying and making statements. They ask God to intervene and that parents and believers be motivated to cut ties with the entertainment giant.

Since the protest began, Disney has increased its promotional content, with Feucht telling CP that the giant is “just doubling” its social media outreach.

“They’re really pushing the ad because the #DisneyGroomers hashtag and stuff like that is trending,” Feucht said. “So they’re trying to combat that with ad dollars. They’re pushing their parks and discounting different things.”

“They’re digging their own grave. I think their earnings probably went down 20% in the stock market,” he added. “So if we can hit them hard enough, then shareholders and other people will stand up and hopefully, I think that’s our long-term goal here.

In response to those who believe Feucht’s protests are motivated by hatred toward the LGBT community, he responded by telling CP that he was doing it out of love for his children.

“It’s motivated by my love for my children,” he said. “I think anyone who can’t see this needs a big heart exam. I don’t know why the left is so infatuated with talking to kids about sex. It’s weird. It’s perverted. It’s deranged , and we have to call it what it is.

“I will die fighting for my children,” Feucht said. “I’m not here to look good. I’m not here for credibility. I’m here to fight for my kids.” “Those who don’t have children need to understand that when you become a parent, your main role is to protect your children. That’s what really motivates me. It’s motivated by my love for my children to obtain their innocence .” wouldn’t be stolen.”

The father-of-four is also the founder of the Let Us Worship movement, which was started to protest ongoing COVID-19 lockdowns that restricted in-person worship in indoor and outdoor gatherings.

Feucht, who ran for Congress in 2020 to represent California’s 3rd congressional district but lost, and has since become known for gathering worship in cities across the country, said he won’t stop. not until he sees “the kingdoms of this Earth become the kingdoms of our Lord.”

“Jesus said, ‘Pray that this place will look like this place.’ That we could use our life, our breath, our work and our passions to see Heaven come to Earth in all areas,” he said.

As he traveled from city to city and state to state, most recently in North Carolina, he saw hundreds of people give their lives to Jesus.

“That’s the kind of thing that really drives me, and we’re starting to see that more and more across the country,” Feucht added. He also encouraged parents to sign the Stand With Parents petition.

Feucht’s next Hold the Line event will take place on May 16th.

On Friday, Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill that will end Disney’s special tax district that allows the company to govern the land of its Disney World theme park.

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