The 25 favorite movies of moviegoers | Entertainment News

People watch movies for a variety of reasons: to be entertained, to participate in discussions, to see all the hype around a particular movie, as a form of escapism, or perhaps to learn more about a topic. ‘interest. Whatever the reason, studies have shown that there are psychological benefits to watching movies.

A study by University College London and Vue Cinemas published in UCL’s Faculty of Brain Sciences found that people who watched movies benefited from better mental focus. This form of focused observation also helped improve memory. During the experiment, a range of biometric devices, similar to a Fitbit, were used to analyze the body’s reaction during a two-hour movie. Sometimes heart rates were 40-80% of their maximum heart rate, even though the viewers were seated.

Stacker analyzed data on the most popular films among users of the cinematic social media platform Letterboxd. A web analytics site, Similarweb, cites nearly 63% of Letterboxd users aged 34 or younger, and 57% are male. For movies on this list, popularity is based on a combination of the number of times a movie has been watched, rated, and reviewed.

Christopher Nolan is the only director with three films in the top 25. Three others (David Fincher, Quentin Tarantino and Damien Chazelle) each have two films. Only two films directed by women – ‘Lady Bird’ and ‘American Psycho’ – made the list.