The government will inform the country of the measures to reopen the entertainment sector | News

The government will soon inform the nation of the measures that will be put in place to facilitate the reopening of the entertainment sector.

So said the Prime Minister, the Right Hon. Andrew Holness, during a virtual press briefing held on February 22.

He said Local Government and Rural Development Minister Desmond McKenzie would shortly come with a plan that is being considered for how the government will deal with entertainment events.

“Under current protocols…attending large events still poses a public health risk in terms of the spread of the virus (COVID-19). The position [of the Government]based on science and public health advice, is that it is best for only vaccinated people to congregate en masse,” Mr Holness said.

He noted that fans attending major sporting events abroad should be vaccinated.

“So it’s not unusual. I am sympathetic towards unvaccinated people,” the Prime Minister said, while emphasizing that unvaccinated children will soon return to school.

“It’s about trying to get the balance right as we go out cautiously [the COVID protocols],” he added.

Meanwhile, Mr Holness said he was not of an opinion or view that unvaccinated people should be discriminated against.

“But, while trying to make sure we don’t see a relapse and a flare-up, there are some things we have to do with care. You have a government that is quite sensitive to concerns of fairness, equality and justice, but we are also very concerned and sensitive to ensuring that our hospitals can stand up and treat people who need treatment “, he underlined.


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