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Be it Hatoda Tyagi, Jaana or Compounder, Abhishek Banerjee never fails to stand out with his versatility.

Abhishek Banerjee has always left a mark on the screen with his amazing performance. The actor is only 4 years old in the industry and he plays the dark horse with great panache. Besides bringing a different type of character to his films, the actor’s comedic timing has garnered immense love from audiences and critics every time he has appeared.

Let’s take a look at some of his promising performances that captured the hearts of the audience.

1. Jaana in Street
The The actor captured the limelight with the brilliant comedic timing he showed in the film while being a normal Jaana and then with the possessed. The actor very easily bought the comedic angle of his two characters in the film, which was definitely worth the applause.

2. Subodh aka Compounder in Mirzapur
Abhishek left a very significant mark with his phenomenal acting as he played the character of a friend of the show’s main character. The intensity of her character was truly amazing and managed to capture the attention of the masses.

3. Mahendra in dream girl
Again a perfect dose of comedy, Abhishek was seen showcasing his amazing comedic timing in every frame he conjures up with utmost innocence of his character which played a very pivotal role in the storyline.

4. Hathoda Tyagi in Paatal Lok
Unveiling yet another shade of his phenomenal acting, the actor stepped out of his genre and bought an all-new, dark and intense character that received immense appreciation from audiences and critics alike.

5. Lawyer in Rashmi Rocket
Abhishek wearing a black lawyer’s suit and presenting a case in the courtroom was never imagined by the public but the actor just nailed the performance with his brilliant acting who took on the lead role very significantly.

In cinema, Abhishek will be seen in Nazarandaaz, Bhediya and 7 new projects, Abhishek also has an interesting range of different film genres.

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