These are the groups behind some of the biggest cybercrimes | Entertainment News

A number of major cyberattacks have entered the public consciousness over the past decade, with several major consumer data breaches since 2015 leaving millions of victims – leading financial firms, retail chains, social media sites and even the Democratic National Convention – in their wake. . But who or what actors are hiding behind these cyberattacks?

Twingate has gathered information from official sources and industry experts on the groups responsible for major cyberattacks.

The U.S. government, including the Department of Justice and the GSA, the Council on Foreign Relations think tank, and other prominent sources have provided the U.S. public context for some of the world’s most prominent hacker collectives, or advanced persistent threat groups. All of these groups are believed to be state-sponsored, whether by China, Russia, Iran, North Korea or the United States. Most APTs hack their targets to find and steal information; but some groups also hack to extort money or steal cryptocurrencies from their targets. Some teams use custom cyber scripts to break into computer networks, while others rely on classic hacking tactics, such as phishing and social engineering.